Unless otherwise agreed individually, the Business and Legal Relationships between the Customer and the Jazz Dock are specified in these Terms and Conditions.


I. Concepts:

Operator: KENTAUR MEDIA, s.r.o., ID: 25131788, registered office: Národní 364/39, 110 00 Praha 1 ("Jazz Dock").

Venue of a concert or other production: the Jazz Dock club, Janáčkovo nábřeží 2, Praha 5 - Smíchov, or another designated place.

Customer: any natural or legal person who has a valid ticket purchased.

Ticket: a traditional paper ticket purchased at the Jazz Dock or at another designated venue; e-ticket printed by the customer based on a confirmation of his purchase by Jazz Dock.


II. Purchase Ticket Agreement:

Through the e-shop, the contract arises when the customer receives an e-ticket via e-mail via e-mail.

By purchasing a ticket at the club's premises or at another designated venue.

The ticket entitles the customer to enter the marked concert. If different seating and staying are set, the customer has the right to match the type of ticket purchased.

The purchase of the tickets leads to the conclusion of a contract, which also includes these GTC.


III. Ticket payment:

Through e-shop through a secured online payment gateway established for this purpose.

By paying the ticket price at Jazz Docku or at another designated place in cash or by credit card.


IV. Reservation:

A seat reservation can only be made if the customer has purchased a ticket for a particular concert.

Reservations outside the time of a concert entitle the customer to be given a seat, however, due to the capacity of the club and the variability of the auditorium, he is not entitled to a specific place. However, Jazz Dock will take full account of customer demand in this matter.

Except for the exceptions agreed with Jazz Dock, the reservation only pays for the start of the concert. After this time, the customer will be denied the right to sit. The customer remains entitled to a standing position. Entitlement to refund of the admission or part thereof is not incurred by this customer.

There is no place reservation on the parking lot.

V. Order of tickets via e-shop:

The customer completes the specified form on the Jazz Dock website in the specified manner, indicating the telephone number is recommended but not mandatory.

In accordance with valid legal regulations in the Czech Republic, Jazz Dock guarantees the protection of all personal data communicated against misuse.

The customer - the holder of any "Jazz Pass", is entitled to the corresponding discount, corresponding to the type of passport jazz, when buying an e-ticket. For this purpose, the customer will fill in the passport's jazz number (after registration) or choose the appropriate discount option. Entitlement to discount will be checked at the entrance to the concert to which the discount applies.

Online pre-sale ends on the day of the concert at 17:00.


VI. Cancellation and changes by the customer

The purchased ticket, including the e-ticket, can not be returned and a refund can not be claimed.

Upon request by the customer, notified to Jazz Dock at least three days before the scheduled date of the concert, Jazz Dock arranges for the customer to change the Ticket for a Ticket to another unregistered concert at the time of the customer's choice. Before the ticket is exchanged, the customer is required to pay any difference in ticket price. The customer is not entitled to return part of the entry fee when choosing a cheaper concert.


VII. Cancellation or changes by Jazz Dock:

Jazz Dock reserves the right to cancel the scheduled concert in the event of natural events or technical problems. In the event that such a situation occurs, the customer will be informed without undue delay of the contact (e-mail, telephone) that he provided to the form when booking or otherwise. Based on a further agreement between Jazz Dock and the Jazz Dock customer, he will either return the full amount to the customer or offer another delivery date.

If the customer does not change the deadline, the Jazz Dock must return the entry price without undue delay. On the basis of a further agreement, Jazz Dock will return the total amount back to the customer in cash at the club during its opening hours, or send the full amount back to the same account from which the customer's payment has been received.


VIII. Jazz passes:

In order to make quality musical production accessible to permanent visitors, the young generation and seniors, the jazz operator issues passports entitling their holders to receive discounts on admissions and consumption in an amount corresponding to the particular type of passport jazz.

Types of jazz passes and their associated benefits:

Jazz pass for permanent visitors

the claim arises for each customer from the third visit,

the interest in obtaining this jazz passport must be announced when entering the club,

discount on admission and consumption - 10%.

Jazz pass for permanent visitors

discount on admission and consumption - 20%

jazz passes published in the first year of the club's existence, it is no longer possible to get them.

Junior jazz pass (not physically issued, valid automatically when evidence of age according to OP)

customers under 25 years of age are eligible

discount on admission - 20 %.

Senior jazz pass (not physically issued, valid automatically when proof of age according to OP)

customers over 65 are eligible

discount on admission - 20 %.

Big pig

this unattractive jazz pass can be earned by people who, according to the operator's assessment, make a significant contribution to the development of the club, cultural or social events, fulfillment of the human mission of culture or youth education, as well as the most loyal visitors to the club

free admission and discount on consumption - 20%

Discounts for holders of jazz passports apply to only one person - its holder.

Discounts for Big Pass jazz are about two people - their holder and his companion.

In very rare cases (for example, some concerts by foreign stars or when the concert organizer is a different subject than the operator), discounts for jazz pass holders are only for consumption, not for admission.

The Holder is required to report to the Operator the loss or destruction of his passport jazz, as well as changing the conditions under which the jazz pass was issued. Substitution of lost new magnetic jazz passes will be charged CZK 100.

The operator reserves the right to change the conditions for the issuance of new jazz passes as well as the benefits for their holders as well as the right to exchange existing jazz passes for new ones.

To obtain a jazz pass, it is necessary to identify the person, name, telephone and e-mail.

Jazz passports are non-transferable, their holder is aware that they can be called upon by the operator to prove the legitimacy of holding a jazz passport, while the misuse of the jazz pass may be removed.


IX. Security and Privacy:

Jazz Dock declares that all personal data is confidential, will only be used to perform the performance of the Customer Agreement and Jazz Dock's marketing actions. None of the personal data provided will be otherwise disclosed, provided to a third party, etc., except as outlined below. Jazz Dock moves in such a way that the data subject does not suffer damage to his or her rights, in particular the right to the preservation of human dignity, and also safeguards against unauthorized intrusion into the private and personal life of the data subject. All personal data that is voluntarily provided by the Customer in order to fulfill the order and marketing actions of Jazz Docku is collected, processed and stored in accordance with valid laws of the Czech Republic, in particular with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the Protection of Personal Data, in the valid and effective text. This includes, in particular, the name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail address. The customer gives the seller his / her consent to collect and process such personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the subject of the contract and the use for the marketing purposes of the seller (especially for sending commercial communications, including via third parties, smartemailing, applications).

Customer acknowledges that his personal data provided to Jazz Dock for marketing purposes is provided on a voluntary basis. The consent to the processing of personal data provided by Jazz Dock for marketing purposes is valid for 7 years, but no later than until Customer's withdrawal of consent. The Customer may opt out of the sales announcement by clicking on the sign-in link at the bottom or by contacting the Jazz Dock via the info line at +420 774 058 838 or by e-mail

If the Customer creates multiple user profiles that provide the same contact information, it is not possible for technical reasons to opt out of business messages for all user profiles based on automated processes. In such a case, the Customer must contact the Jazz Dock by phone or e-mail to opt-out of the sales notes for all user profiles.

The Customer has the right to access and access to their personal data, including the right to request clarification and removal of the defective status and other legal rights to such data.


X. Other:

Jazz Dock reserves the right to change the program. No other program is eligible for refund.

Except for proven damages on the part of Jazz Dock, Jazz Dock shall not be liable for any injury, illness or death, damage or loss of personal belongings or theft caused to the customer.

Jazz Dock reserves the right to expose the customer to a significantly undercooked or polluted state or to a customer who, despite notice from the staff, cancels the concert with excessive noise or other inappropriate behavior. In this case, the customer will not be entitled to a refund.

Pets have no access to the inside of the club.


XI. Final Provisions:

The contractual relations between the customer and Jazz Dock are governed by Czech law.

In case of any discrepancies between the language versions, the Czech version will be decisive.

These general conditions are effective from January 1, 2016, replacing all previous General Terms and Conditions.