The Collective Abroad

The Collective Abroad

Saturday 09/12/2023 from 19:00

The Collective Abroad emerged out of an international project of seven European Conservatories. In May 2019, a handful of talented students met in Hamburg (DE) to prepare for a concert at the Elbjazz Festival. In one week, they rehearsed and successfully performed their original repertoire at one of the biggest jazz festivals in Germany. What started as an annually recurring project, turned into a permanent collaboration, when members of The Collective Abroad decided to continue playing together despite the distances and borders between them. The Collective Abroad carries out a big variety of high quality modern and contemporary improvised music, which reflects various influences from music scenes of the seven members: Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Aalborg, Vilnius and Groningen. Each of their concerts and albums features seven compositions and seven different forms of improvisation, giving the listener a broad and diverse experience. The Cycle is the second album by The Collective Abroad released in february 2022. The music on the album is composed by all seven members of the band plus special guests Julia Perminova and Clara Fornander. The Cycle was recorded at The HideOut Studio in Aalborg (DK), July 2021. The first single Prosopagnosia was published in November 2021. The second Single Sea Lullaby was published in January 2022. Since its foundation in April 2019, the band performed several international tours and played at festivals such as Elbjazz (Hamburg, DE), Classical Beat (DE), Swingin' Groningen (NL), Jazzkaar (EST), Aarhus Jazz Festival (DK), Supernova Jazz Blast (Aalborg, DK) and Vinterjazz (DK).

Jaap de Vries (NL) – trp; Josh Schofield (GB) – alt sax; Lauri Kadalipp (EE) – tenor sax; Mads Jensen (DK) – g; Sandro Sáez (ES) – p; Jan Sedlák (CZ) – p; Dominic Harrison (DE) – dr.

Admission: seating CZK 480, standing CZK 250. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket.


improvising - contemporary jazz
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The Collective Abroad

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