Las Migas (ESP)

Tuesday 14/05/2019 od 21:00

Presenting powerful vocals, dancing violin lines, sensual choreography, and upbeat rhythms of the guitar, Las Migas quartet creates a fascinating blend of flamenco and Mediterranean styles of music from Spain. The four women of Las Migas come from four different cities that span not only the geography of Spain but also its cultural diversity.

They all came to the group with one common passion: flamenco. You can hear it in the rhythms of the guitarists, the fluttering violin lines, and the raw power of the vocals. Carmona is also a gifted dancer. Then the group started to evolve. Latin rhythms gave the music a happier, more upbeat sound. And a sensitive side began to emerge in beautiful ballads as Carmona expanded her emotional range, the violin lines grew more pensive, and the guitar arrangements turned more complex and intertwined. The dance also became more interpretive and free-flowing. The new Las Migas style was established, and has thrived.

From the beginning, the Barcelona-based quartet has filled big theaters and performed in some of the most important world-music festivals. Their new music is more luminous, with a strong Latin touch. Their style on stage, from their clothing and makeup to their staging, reflects a richness that enhances the impact of the music. After having been nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards 2017 with their latest album “Vente Conmigo” as the best Flamenco album, they begin 2018 with the new show “Érase una vez Las Migas”, prelude to what will be their fourth album, which is expected for the next winter.The 2018 tour will take them around Spain, Europe, USA and Mexico.

The band reconnects with its more flamenco roots incorporating Bego Salazar as her new vocalist, although always keeping that freshness and inimitable style that characterizes this Barcelonian quartet. The show is a journey through the most recognized and beloved songs of all their former albums, counting on the participation of their fans to elaborate a chosen repertoire, as well as some unpublished themes.

Bego Salazar voc

Marta Robles g

Alicia Grillo g

Roser Loscos vln

Admission – presale: seating CZK 700, standing CZK 300, at the door: seating CZK 800, standing CZK 350. No club discounts. Seats reservation is possible only if you buy a ticket. Thank you for understanding.

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