Igor Orozovič & Co.

Igor Orozovič & Co.

Wednesday 20/09/2023 from 21:00


Igor Orozovič’s songs give rise to emotions and tell stories. Poetic in nature, they also feature a peculiar type of humor, viewing the world with a slight sarcasm and hyperbole. The critics have highlighted that Orozovič’s dark voice affords his singular songs profundity. Seeking a style of their very own, the vocalist and his band spice up their chanson-like pieces with strands of rock, blues and soul. Attesting to continuous creative progress will be a concert at Jazz Dock, at which Igor Orozovič & Co will present their repertoire with a new line-up and in a new musical garb. “With regard to the number of instruments, the performance will be rather intimate, yet all the more interactive, harsher and more energetic,” Orozovič promises. Besides pursuing a musical career, Igor Orozovič continues to work as a film and theatre actor. In addition to the National Theatre, where he is permanently engaged, he has appeared on other Prague stages. He has excelled in a production of David Bowie’s musical Lazarus (Prague City Theatres), in a new adaptation of Simon Gray’s psychological drama Japes (Ungelt), and other shows. Orozovič is a leading figure of, and also writes music for, Cabaret Calembour, a theatre company he co-founded in 2009.

Igor Orozovič – voc; A. m. Almela – b, Michal Rákosník – g, Franko Dudinka – keys, David Landštof – dr. Special guest: Martin Forst – sax.

Admission: seats CZK 750, standing CZK 400. There is no need to reserve a seat when purchasing a seating ticket. No club discounts. Thank you for understanding.

Band website: www.igororozovic.cz

alternative pop - chanson
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